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Buildings Modular

When considering new building construction, consider the advantages of buildings modular. In case you don’t know, a modular building is constructed assembly-line fashion inside a factory. Instead of contractors coming to a building site, the building comes to the contractors’ site. This means that weather delays are almost nonexistent, there is no waiting for deliveries and the plumber or finisher or carpenter are there when they are needed.

Modular systems homes are built with components constructed in a controlled factory environment to the same building codes as traditional site-built housing.” This means that you don’t have to pay for the building waste – only the materials that are used on your buildings modular construction.

Just because your home is built on an assembly line, it doesn’t mean that there is no customization. In fact, modern technology allows for as much customization in a buildings modular planning as in any kind of construction. The home is designed on a computer starting with scores of models to choose from. Rooms can be added or moved around. All decorating decisions are made by the owner and done by the buildings modular factory.

When the parts of the home are delivered to the site, all of the rooms are move-in ready with paint on the walls and carpets or hardwood flooring or tile in place. “Homes are delivered up to 90% complete and built in one-third the time.”
And none of the frame has been exposed to the elements. The buildings modular codes are the local site codes.

Once delivered to the site, the modules just have to be connected to each other and to the foundation and the utilities have to be connected from inside to outside. A local contractor prepares the site with a foundation, a basement if desired and landscaping. Utility connections are established and prepared for delivery of the home. The buildings modular advantages include price, time and choice.

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