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Canadian Modular Homes

For the majority of Canadians, there is no place like home. For those living in sub-standard homes, there no colder plan like home in the winter. Building a new home during a Canadian winter can be brutal, especially if construction is going on outdoors. Building that same home indoors can make the construction not only bearable, but also more efficient.

With the growth of modular housing, more people understand the many benefits as well as the many options available. Canadian modular homes offer comfort in many ways, including additional strength and the ability to fend off harsh Canadian winter winds.

Building a house in a controlled factory environment is not new. Mobile homes, or trailers, have been built that way since the 1930s. However, building a two or three floor executive style house in a factory was something many thought was a stretch of the imagination. The early pre-fab houses, all resembling little boxes of different colors, were the only option for a number of years. However, that has changed, along with the perception of pre-fab buildings, and there are many options available in the modular home market that there is something for just about everyone.

The biggest advantage to Canadian modular homes is that they are built in a factory, under the watchful eye of the company’s quality control experts. Assembly line construction of trained builders can put together an average size house in less than a month, having it about 80 percent complete and ready to go to the home site. While under construction wood that has never been exposed to elements are used along with state-of-the art cutting techniques to insure that every joint is cut straight and square.

Insulation in the exterior walls and ceiling block out cold air as well as doors and windows being sealed with a double magnetic strip for secure closing. Insulated exterior doors as well as insulated windows help protect the occupants from winter’s abuse, yet the quality construction of the home will make it stand up to the most bitter attack. As the sections or connected, wool insulation is placed between them to help from a seal through which no wind can find its way.

In the factory setting, engineers are constantly finding new ways to reduce waste throughout the building process, helping to reduce the cost of construction, making them less expensive that a site built home, more insulated that conventional homes as well as being able to be built quicker, without any construction delays due to bad weather.

Many customers of Canadian modular homes choose from a lush variety of existing designs and some make minor changes to the existing floor plans to come with a living area that is perfect for them and their families. Others, failing to find their dream home among the current selections, may work with the builder to design their own version of their perfect house. Working with the builder’s engineers and designers may add to the cost of the home, but the money being saved by buying a Canadian modular home, it is probably worthwhile.

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