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Cavalier Manufactured Homes


Cavalier Home Builders is run guided by the strong vision of Jerry Wilson, its founder and are engaged in building the American Dream for many families who like the Cavalier manufactured homes that are packed with features and provide good value for money and are also built to last. Cavalier manufactured homes represent exceptional value and once one takes the time to compare its features and compare its construction with its value one would be convinced that the Cavalier manufactured homes is a home for life.

The Cavalier manufactured homes is built in their factories and transported to the site where it is to be placed. The company builds its manufactured homes in a more efficient as well as traditional way and so reduces costs of labor as well as time off for bad weather and each home is built individually, one home at one time.

Almost a third of every home in America consists of a manufactured home which have a wide variety of floor plans as well as different options that would suit individual family tastes and needs. The Cavalier manufactured homes are given a twelve point inspection before leaving the factory and this is done to ensure that the Cavalier manufactured homes are weather tight, properly trimmed as well as outfitted just as the customer demands. The Cavalier manufactured homes are thoroughly checked for mechanical as well as electrical systems as also cabinets, doors, chimneys, vents and flues.

This is reason enough why Americans find the Cavalier manufactured homes to be strong and beautiful. Also, the Cavalier manufactured homes come with a warranty as well as being backed by excellent customer service and in case of any problem with warranties one may contact the Retailer who would assist in coordinating service on the home. Consulting the Home Owner’s Guide would provide the homeowner to gain knowledge about all the information pertaining to warranty service and this would include what is covered under the warranty and how to make a claim.

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