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Custom Modular Homes

Custom modular homes are the new buzz word in the industry.  Since the modular home business has become a serious contender in the home building business, more and more factories have sprung up, and with them more and more innovative home designs have been made available to the public. As a matter of fact, the new floor designs and also the interior decorating options give so many choices to the consumer that homes are no longer falling into the mold of the cookie cutter concept that detractors have accused modular homes to be, but instead every home could almost be seen as one of many custom modular homes available. The state of California in particular has enjoyed an upswing in its home building industry during the real estate boom of the recent years. Add to this the fact that more and more private land has been parceled off and sold to the general public, and you can easily understand why also the home construction business has been taking off.

While the weather is generally favorable to on site home construction in sunny California, many consumers have become savvy to the industry. They have learned that it is less expensive to build a modular home – per square foot – than it is to build a home on site. To this end more consumers choose to get more home for their hard earned dollar. In addition to the foregoing, California residents love to personalize their homes to have them blend in to the many unique neighborhoods that may be found in the cities. Whether it is the Spanish influence you wish to highlight in your home, or the rugged out of doors feel of the mountains, California modular home builders have begun to offer custom modular homes as part and parcel of their overall inventory.

Yet how should you go about choosing the manufacturer who will build the most attractive custom modular homes? Should you go ahead and simply open the telephone book and then hope for the best?  This might quite possibly be the worst method.  Instead, ask other home owners for their honest opinions. Find out who is hot, and who is not. Who meets deadlines head on and does not have a problem, and who keeps coming back with stories of back log. Visit the factory and see how busy they are. Speak to your custom modular homes dealer and do a little research on them as well. If they sell manufactured homes as well as modular homes, the odds are that you might be doing business with someone who is spreading themselves too thin.  If at all possible, only do business with a dealer who exclusively sells modular homes, so that you will have the advantage of having a professional in your corner who knows the industry inside and out and who will have significant contacts cultivated therein.  Of course, it is always advisable to check out a dealer as well as a manufacturer via the Better Business Bureau to ensure there will be no surprises in your dealings with either one of them.

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