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Excel Modular Homes

Excel modular homes is a great company to purchase a home from. This is a well known company that was started back in 1984. They have two locations where they make high quality homes that consumers can trust. The two locations are located in PA and WV. Never will you have to worry about them using cheap materials. Reason being is that they use name brand materials that they can trust. Every year Excel builds approximately 2000 homes a year. All of the homes are fully inspected before they leave the factory. Also it is great to know that all homes come with a one year guarantee.

So if something should ever go wrong in that one year time frame with Excel modular homes, you can be sure to report whatever the problem is with confidence because it will be fixed in a timely manner. If you are looking for an affordable style home then you can definitely find one of your liking with Excel. You can also get very fancy customized homes too if your budget permits. Now if getting a modular home sounds like something you would like check out, you can schedule yourself a tour directly at the factory.


Excel modular homes give factory tours weekly Monday through Friday. These tours are for people who set up appointments in advance. There you will be able to see what Excel modular homes might be right for you. All homes can be financed and Excel can recommend which companies to get loans from too.  Once you make your final decision, you will be on your way to living in a home of your dreams. Today Excel modular homes are becoming very popular way for people to own homes and eventually Excel will be known as a household name everywhere.

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