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Fleetwood Mobile Homes


Manufacturers of travel trailers, recreational vehicles as well as support vehicles and mobiles homes, the Fleetwood mobile homes Corporation is a U.S. manufacturer that has been making mobile homes for well over half a century and feature The Entertainer Home with many features for the family as well as the spacious elegance of The Contemporary Home and finally, The Life Stage II Home that has ease of living as its theme.

Fleetwood mobile homes have been in use by American families due in great measure to the affordability of such mobile homes and Fleetwood Homes has been growing into becoming one of America’s leading home builders by offering quality, floor plans as well as design options that would adorn a custom built home.

The recent losses in property due to hurricanes in Florida have provided Fleetwood with a major boost in the sales of Fleetwood mobile homes and it is believed that thousands of new mobile homes have been ordered as well as placed in the Sunshine State. Fleetwood mobile homes builds mobile homes in a controlled environment and provides the customer with quality that has led to it becoming America’s leading company and each Fleetwood mobile homes is designed as well as built at one of its many manufacturing centers spread throughout the US and meet the code requirements of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and all the homes are scrutinized by numerous inspections.

It results in Fleetwood mobile homes that are consistently well-built and recognition of this was given to Fleetwood when it was honored with the Manufacturer of the Year Award by the Manufacturing Housing Institute. Though it was originally a trailer company, Fleetwood started to produce homes away from home for the American public that had begun to be fascinated by the new ability to travel by automobile throughout the United States and it is now one of the largest mobile home builders in the US and it may be one reason why almost all Fleetwood mobile homes owners say they would purchase another Fleetwood mobile homes, over and over again.

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