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Fleetwood Modular Homes

You can find Fleetwood modular homes being produced in twenty nine manufacturing factories, in eighteen states.  As far as modular homes go, Fleetwood modular homes have become one of the largest of builders across the country.

This is no big surprise when you consider that Fleetwood modular homes provide
quality homes to many people who might otherwise never be able to afford one.  What may come as a surprise, though, is to know that an amazing amount of homes built in American just so happens to be one of Fleetwood modular homes!

With a company the size of Fleetwood modular homes, it becomes obvious how they can offer such well built, beautiful homes at such affordable prices.  Quite simply put, it is because of the enormous buying power of building materials that Fleetwood modular homes have.  Considering carpeting alone, Fleetwood modular homes required over seven million square yards!  Over two and a quarter million pounds of name brand insulation has been used!

Another reason is that all Fleetwood modular homes employees are highly skilled and efficient at their jobs, allowing homes to be built quickly, and with very few mistakes or wasted materials.

However, Fleetwood modular homes are not cookie cutter, one of kind homes.  You have a large selection of Fleetwood modular homes from which to choose, whether you choose a single wide, doublewide, or multiwide home.  There are plenty of Fleetwood modular homes floor plans, so you are sure to find one that meets the desires and needs of your family.

With Fleetwood modular homes you do not have to pay extra for warranties.  All Fleetwood modular homes come with a five year guarantee on electrical and plumbing work.  The Fleetwood modular homes are covered by a one year warranty.

Fleetwood modular homes are not happy unless each customer is totally satisfied with their home.

It is easy for Fleetwood modular homes customers to be satisfied with Fleetwood’s fifty years of experience in pleasing them.  And this is why in five out of seven years Fleetwood modular homes were selected as manufacturers of the year!

And besides Fleetwood modular home’s own good name, every home is built meeting or even exceeding HUDs code standards.  So you know that with these two guarantees, Fleetwood modular homes build quality homes only.

When Fleetwood modular homes are delivered, all electrical outlets, tubs and showers, toilets, and sinks, furnaces and appliances have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to be up and running.

The inspections that Fleetwood modular homes go through are not light duty.  These inspections are to ensure that all Fleetwood modular homes are built with quality, are safe for the homeowner, and will bring further pride to the Fleetwood name.

If you were to compare Fleetwood modular homes to stick built homes, you would not be able to tell the difference.  Unless, of course you were to load a stick built home on a truck, transport it, and set it on a foundation with a crane the way Fleetwood modular homes are.  You would then see that Fleetwood modular homes are built much more rugged.

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