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Fuqua Homes

When it comes to innovations in the modular home industry, Fuqua homes has set the standard. Their homes have featured the first eight foot round windows in a modular home as well as being the first company to use tape and textured wall on a home built in a factory. Instead of staples and glues, they were the first modular homebuilder to use hidden screws and perhaps one of their most unique firsts in the industry was to design and build a home with a floor plan designed around the home site instead of the usual other way around.

Fuqua, located in Bend, Oregon also offers expanses of windows in their homes to take advantage of the many sights around your home, regardless of where you live. The additional quality built into Fuqua homes can be compared to the options available in many other homes on the market. Such as 36 inch steel exterior doors for strength and durability and pewter plumbing fixture throughout the home.

Depending on your tastes, you can choose one of several generous floor plans, customize them to meet your needs or have your dream home designed around the site instead of around the floor plan. This capability can have your new Fuqua home seem as though it is part of the surroundings instead of an intrusion.

Among the many advantages of owning a Fuqua home is the strength of its base structure. With additional structural integrity a part of every modular home, the move from the factory to the home site is ensured to be a problem-free trip. During the transport, each section is placed on a trailer using a crane. Once at the site, the components are once again lifted off the truck with a crane. As each section is added to the home, a crane is used again to maneuver them into place. Your home will arrive at the home site about 80 percent complete and your general contractor will finish the rest, as well as the site work.

Once each section is in place, experienced builders, working for your general contractor, will strip insulation between the sections and fasten them together in the manner specified by the builder’s plans. Once all the sections are together, any interior additions or adjustments will be made, along with the permanent utility connections. All final site construction can take up to two months, depending on the size and complexity of the home.

Living in the northwest corner of the United States, served by Fuqua Homes, weather delays is often a concern for site built home construction. Modular homes are 80 percent completed in the factory and there is a much smaller window in which weather can pose an issue. That window closes once the sections are together and, even if there is bad weather, inside work can be completed until it is time to finish the outer portions of the final construction. Your contractor will also have to arrange for local building inspectors to approve the final utility connections and the overall construction and issue the occupancy permit.

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