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Hallmark Manufactured Homes

Since home prices have increased within the past few years, it has become more and more difficult for first time homebuyers and persons with modest incomes to purchase a new home. In some areas in the nation, the average starter home is more than $200,000. Unfortunately, meeting the expense of a huge mortgage is impossible for most. Hence, some are forced to put off homeownership. Yet, there is a practical solution to this problem. Rather than purchase a new or used site built home, you can purchase a Hallmark manufactured home and save money. Hallmark manufactured homes offer some of the most affordable housing. Choose from a variety of home plans to fit your needs.

Manufactured and modular homes are making a come back because of their improved quality. Years ago, these types of housings were grouped with mobile homes. Mobile homes are properties that could be transported from location to location. They were attached to wheels, which made transport easy. Unfortunately, mobile homes were not considered single family dwellings because of their mobility. Consequently, the property could depreciate, and it was hard to secure financing. Hallmark manufactured homes are different. These homes are essentially properties constructed in pieces or modules. Within a climate controlled environment, builder will construct the home in multiple sections. Once this process is complete, the entire home is transported to a location, and construction is completed. Manufactured homes do not include wheels. Thus, once the home arrives at the location, it becomes a permanent fixture in the neighborhood.

There are several benefits of Hallmark manufactured homes. In addition to affordability, you can choose from many custom floor plans. Everyone dreams of constructing their own home and designing the interior. With a Hallmark home this is possible. Simply contact a Hallmark dealer or builder. You can purchase a used home, a completed modular, or design your own modular. When designing your own home, select the interior and exterior colors. Request a certain color carpet, flooring, wallpaper, etc. These homes are also available with multiple bedrooms. Because older mobile homes were single wide, two bedrooms was the average. Today, modular and manufactured homes are available up to 6,000 square feet, which allows for more than two bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms.

When choosing a home, browse the builder's gallery of homes. In some instances, there may be models for you to tour. Begin customizing the home after a model is selected. Getting financing for Hallmark manufactured homes is also simple. You can apply online with a mortgage lender or broker, or use a local bank or credit union. Because modern modular and manufactured homes appreciate, securing a loan should not be difficult. Once a loan is obtained, search for a piece of land or lot. Modular homes are not mobile homes; thus, you do not need to rent a lot in a trailer park. Instead, purchase a piece of private land, or construct the home in a modular community. On average, the entire process from loan approval to move-in takes about eight weeks.

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