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Kansas Modular Homes

Have you ever wondered who is most likely to enjoy modular homes in Kansas?  Also know as the heartland of America, this state has a rich history and is home to many national parks and historic sites. Perhaps best known for its extended tornado season – as it was memorialized in the Frank Baum’s famous book The Wizard of Oz – you might wonder just who will be brave enough to weather these storms in the comfort of Kansas modular homes. After all, is it not the modular homes who are usually considered to be of flimsy construction, and who are most often destroyed in the wake of the tornadoes that plague this state during the spring, but also later on in the summer and even early fall?

If this is still your way of thinking, the odds are pretty good that you have not been made aware of the great developments in the modular home industry.  Did you know, for example, that Kansas modular homes have to be built to the exact same specifications as their brick and mortar counterparts? In other words, it does not matter if you commission a house to be built on site, or if you choose to have it built inside a factory, the wiring, roofing, and every other aspect of the construction has to meet the stringent rules set forth by the state of Kansas.  As you may well imagine, due to the weather patterns so prevalent in this state, Kansas officials have thought long and hard about upgrading their codes to ensure that residents will have the safest homes possible that will withstand many of the tornadoes and their effects.  Of course, you will have one distinct advantage when purchasing a modular home instead of a brick and mortar house – since Kansas modular homes are built inside a climate controlled factory, you will not be at the mercy of the weather, but instead work on your home will continue without missing a beat, come rain or sunshine.

As you can see, it is the savvy homeowner-to-be that will enjoy Kansas modular homes.  Perhaps you are also wondering what other aspects of modular homeownership are so attractive that they cause more and more individuals to flock to the factories and put in their orders.  Well, first and foremost is probably the fact that in addition to a guaranteed “deliver by” date, you will also spend a lot less money than you would on a stick built home. Consider that you will not have to worry about construction theft – lumber and other materials are safely locked up inside the factory – or about higher labor costs – after all, the crew will not have to redo certain aspects of the construction project due to inclement weather repairs.   Consider also that you will have the freedom to personalize the construction process by choosing a floor plan that suits your needs and by adding those little touches that will make a house truly a personal home - in the forms of extras. Who would not enjoy such a great way of building their dream home?

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