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Manufactured Homes Indiana

Before buying a new home, several factors must be considered. Due to rising home property values, knowing an affordable mortgage payment is critical. Unfortunately, some people are not in a position to purchase a home because paying the mortgage would create a hardship. Yet, there is a way to afford a home without spending all your monthly income. To do so, take advantage of manufactured homes Indiana and select a custom floor plan.

Even though some people are leery to buy a manufactured home, these homes are quality built. Mobile homes and trailers from decades ago were not very sturdy. Furthermore, they were attached to wheels and mortgage companies did not consider these dwellings to be single family homes. In turn, they depreciated like an automobile. Selling a mobile home or trailer is difficult, and they do not gain equity. However, what’s the point of buying a home that does not gain equity. On the other hand, manufactured homes Indiana are categorized with single family homes. They are built with the highest standards. In some cases, manufactured home builders exceed the standards of site built homes. There are no attached wheels. Rather, manufactured homes are permanently affixed to the foundation. You can even select to have the home built on top of a crawl space or basement. Whatever you desire, a modular home’s builder can customize your property.

The prices of manufactured homes Indiana vary depending on the style and customized features. If looking for a very inexpensive home, it is possible to buy a small home for under $60,000. This generally consists of an 800 square foot property. The average square footage for a manufactured or modular home is 1500 – 2000 square feet. Even with a large sized home, you can purchase the property starting as low as $100,000. Because home prices continue to rise in Indiana, this is the perfect choice for first time homebuyers or buyers earning a modest salary.

Preparing for a manufactured home purchase is simple. Initially, buyers must meet with a builder or home dealer. Construction cannot begin until a home style is chosen, and custom features are specified. Choose from many designs such as split-level home, two-story, one-story, etc. Many builders can even customize a modular mansion. Securing financing is another critical factor. You can get approved for a mortgage loan, or accept private builder financing. The latter option may be ideal for homebuyers with less-than-perfect credit. There are also finance companies that work specifically with modular and manufactured home loans.

Other benefits of manufactured homes Indiana include a fast construction time. Commonly, homes are ready for move-in within three months – sometimes less. Additionally, the entire pre-construction occurs in a warehouse. For this reason, your home is not exposed to outdoor elements. The biggest advantage of manufactured homes is their ability to increase in value. Older mobile homes and trailers did not have this feature. Rather, the homes would rapidly depreciate. With a quality built manufactured home, you will gain equity, which allows you to earn a profit upon the sale of the property.

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