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Manufactured Homes Phoenix

Phoenix and other areas of Arizona encompass one of the most popular US states for retired and semi-retired individuals. Many relocate permanently to Phoenix and the surrounding area while many others choose to live out the winter months in the dry, warm climate and return to their hometown for the remainder of the year. If you are looking for information about relocation, manufactured homes, Phoenix living, and other related information the following information can help.

As with any state, manufactured homes Phoenix and surrounding communities that were built prior to the 1976 US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) law, are considered mobile homes. Manufactured homes built post 1976 must adhere to HUD enforced building codes and guidelines. Manufactured homes are less expensive than other types of homes, making them an affordable option for people maintaining a vacation or semi-retirement home.

Manufactured homes in Phoenix account for approximately 3% of homesteads. However, it is important to understand that the multiple listing service in Arizona does not have standard descriptions of individual types of houses. Manufactured homes Phoenix listings might be listed as mobile home, modular home, or something else. If you are searching for a manufactured home in the area, you should consult a real estate agent from the area near where you are interested in purchasing property.

You have two options for choosing a manufactured home. You can elect to purchase an existing one and the lot it sits on, or purchase one in a park or community where lots are rented, or you can find your own lot and purchase a new manufactured home.

A new manufactured home can only be purchased from a licensed dealer. They may work exclusively with one manufacturer or have a few different ones to offer. You can choose the size, style, and basic floor plan that suits your need and order it through the dealer. The home will then be completely assembled in a factory setting and delivered to your chosen lot. Manufacturers must offer at least a one-year warranty on new manufactured homes, but be sure you have a licensed and approved installer install your new home on your lot or you may void the warranty. Your dealer will help you arrange installation.

If you are electing to live in a manufactured homes Phoenix area park or community, you should consider obtaining copies of the community’s rules, residency requirements and even talking to some current residents before you commit to a lease and purchase a manufactured home. Don’t forget to check other housing options in the area to make sure you are investing in the home you want.

Many people elect to purchase manufactured homes in Phoenix because they are restricted by budget and also because they want to decrease maintenance, especially if they are only partial-year residents. Maintenance of manufactured homes should be performed according to the homeowner’s manual that should accompany the manufactured home. If you purchase an existing home and one is not supplied to you by the owner, contact the manufacturer for a copy.

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