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Manufactured Homes WA

The cost of housing is skyrocketing across the country.  In response to this dramatic increase in housing costs many people are looking for a more affordable housing option.  One option is to buy or rent a modular or manufactured home.  Each geographic area will have its own unique selection of model homes to choose from, and the types of manufactured homes WA residents will be able to buy will depend on the dealer that they go to, what models are available, as well as their housing budget.

There are at least fifteen different manufacturers of manufactured homes WA dealerships typically carry.  These manufacturers include: Champion, Fleetwood, Fuqua Homes, Golden West Homes, Guerdon Enterprises, LLC, Homebuilders NorthWest, Inc., Karsten Homes, Kit HomeBuilders West, Liberty Homes, Marlette Homes, Moduline Homes, Nashua Homes, Palm Harbour Homes, Silvercrest Homes, and Skyline Homes.  Each of these manufacturers offers a variety of models to choose from.

One type of manufactured homes WA dealerships typically carry is Fuqua Homes.  This manufacturer is known for its innovations and quality homes.  They were the first to offer an eight foot round window, they were the first to use hidden screws in their cabinets, and they were one of the first manufacturer to allow customers to fully customize their floor plan based on the needs of the building site and the living space needs of the customer.  Their models include First Pointe Models, Star Pointe Models, Eagle Pointe Models, the Lodge Models, and River Pointe Models.  Within each model group are several model floor plans that you can choose from.  The floor plans range from 2 bedroom/2 bath models to four bedroom, three bath models.

Another brand of manufactured homes WA dealerships typically carry is Champion Homes.  This is one of the top producers and performers in the manufactured home industry.  They offer five different model categories that you can choose from. The first category of models is the Discovery Series.  In this series the smallest model is model 5402R.  It has 933 square feet and offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The largest model in this series is the 4704K.  This model offers 1866 square feet of living space, as well as 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a family room, and a morning room.  The next series is the Singles Series.  Here the smallest model is 547 square feet and the largest is 929 square feet.  The third model series offered by Champion is the Classic Series.  Here the smallest model is a two bedroom two bathroom 880 square foot home, and the largest model is a three bedroom two bathroom home with 2398 square feet of living space.  The fourth series is the Developers Series.  In this series the smallest model offers 1226 square feet of living space and the largest offers 1883 square feet of living space.  The final series offered by Champion is the Elite Series.  This series offers floor plans that offer between 2231 square feet of living space to 2987 square feet of living space.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find a manufactured home dealer in the state of Washington.  There are many dealerships that are scattered throughout the state.  When you are deciding on a model to buy make sure that you take into consideration options and upgrades that you can select that will make the home more energy efficient.  Your investment in upgrades and energy efficient features will save you in the long run, and they may even qualify you for special energy grants and tax credits.

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