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Modular Home Builders

In the country today, there are some singular modular home companies that are so expansive that they have over ten thousand people working as a part of their modular home companies, all for just one company.  This is a great leap up from the modular home builders of yesterday, which had one company producing about 5 modular homes each week with a team of no more than ten men. 

Throughout the last eighty five plus years, the duration of time that the modular home has been around, the modular home builders have gone through a variety of changes.  There have been structural and design changes of simple and epic proportions, and these changes have helped modular homes become more popular time goes on.  There are many different benefits that go along with purchasing a modular home, and as the modular home builders were able to implement more benefits, they were able to become more popular.  However, some of these changes were not always up to them.  During the 1970’s, a lot of changes were put into place thanks for acts of Congress.  Modular homes were now required to meet standards set in place by the government in order to ensure their safe and reliable creations.  These new material standards set forth that the materials used would need to be resistant to fire and wind, among other things.  One of the biggest design changes occurred when the mobile home lost its wheels.  With the absence of these wheels, the homes were no longer mobile, and the more stationary structures became known as modular homes.

Over time, the modular home builders and their businesses have changed in many ways and for many reasons.  None of these changes have halted their popularity, and in fact modular home builders can be more confident now about their futures than ever before thanks to their continuing emphasis on customer service and safety.

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