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Modular Homes CA

When considering modular homes CA is a great place to start.  The state of California has over 35 million people living there and housing prices are outrageous in many of the cities.  A small, three bedroom home can cost upwards of $400,000 depending on the location.  Modular homes can save you money and even hold their value over the years.  It is because of this that modular homes CA have become very popular as a reasonable alternative to site built homes.

When considering modular homes CA is a great state to choose because of the high on site housing prices.  But what other reasons might there be to purchase modular homes?

  1. Traditional homes are built with 2 x 4 exterior walls, while modular homes have 2 x 6 exterior walls.  The walls are thicker and not exposed to the elements, which can cause structural problems, like traditional homes.
  2. Modular homes are usually built with superior construction tools and techniques because each one is built in a factory-controlled environment.
  3. Because modular homes are transported  to your building site, they are usually built with 20 to 30% more lumber to support the framing.
  4. When the components are placed together, nails, staples, and adhesive is used.  This creates a sturdier home and reduces the possibility of nails popping up.
  5.  On site construction is vulnerable to theft and can add as much as 10% to the final cost of your home.  That is not a problem with modular homes.
  6. Modulars homes have skilled craftsmen working on each component and most have years of experience.  Sometimes, to save money, on site construction will hire unskilled labor forces.
  7. Modular homes are under inspection constantly by independent inspectors.  Some cities require no inspection for on site home construction.

Modular homes CA can save you money, but there are also many other reasons to purchase one.

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