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Modular Homes in Maryland

If you want a new home with a unique floor plan or design, but can't afford the monthly payment on an expensive house, modular homes in Maryland can offer an assortment of home designs. Being able to customize a home is a dream for most homeowners. Unless a home is a new construction, the majority of buyers do not have the opportunity to work with the builder and personalize their home. With a modular home, this is possible. Each new construction modular home is customizable. After choosing a piece of land, you can start the search of finding the perfect home. There are various modular home dealers in Maryland. It is wise for homeowners to contact different dealers and builders and browse their catalog of homes.

Modular homes in Maryland are built using quality materials. These homes are significantly different from older mobile homes, which are less sturdy. Because modular homes are supposed to have the same feel as a single family residence, these homes include many of the same building materials, and adhere to specific building codes. For this reason, many cities and counties nationwide group modular homes with single family homes, and allow the construction of these homes within subdivisions.
Floor plans for modular homes in Maryland vary. Whether you prefer a small cozy home, or a large spacious modular, there is a home for you. The square footage on a modular homes starts at 800 feet. The average modular home is about 2,000 square feet. However, buyers also have the choice of modular mansions, with square footages up to 16,000 feet.

Aside from the flexibility of choosing your own design and floor plan for a modular home, builders and dealers offer a 10-year warranty on the property. This is different from the one-year warranty offered on new construction site-built homes.

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