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Modular Homes in PA

Quite a few manufacturers of modular homes have their base in the state of Pennsylvania (Pa.). Though these are the companies that build modular homes in Pa., they also have operations outside of the state; some even nationwide. Modular homes in Pa. can be one or two stories and need to satisfy state and local agency criteria just like site built homes. Statistics indicate that a vast majority of modular homes owners expressed satisfaction with their homes. The manufactured housing industry in PA employs 20,000 people and the average price of such a home is $55,000.
Organizations such as the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA) offer prospective home owners their expertise and guidance while looking for the right home. The Pennsylvania State Administrative Agency has been designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as the body in charge of ensuring legal requirements in the manufactured housing industry are met. As per this retailers of modular homes in Pa. must forward all information including consumer complaints to the manufacturer. The retailers will also have to complete “record of purchaser” cards and forward these to the manufacturer for every home they sell. In the absence of such cards, an appropriate format must be used to communicate this information.

The State Administrative Agency must have easy access to all information regarding corrections and alterations of  modular homes in Pa. done by the retailers. A consumer manual must also be provided to all buyers of modular homes in Pa. The certified installers who place the modular homes at their sites also have certain responsibilities to fulfill. This includes on-site completion of a new home. The support, stabilization, and assembly must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s approved design. The installers must then complete the Verification of Compliance Form and forward copies of it to the Housing Standards Division, local building  official and the buyer. They must also maintain certification under PA Act 158.

The Modular Buildings Systems Association (MBSA) is headquartered in Pennsylvania and has members and affiliates throughout the country. The organization works with builders and manufacturers as well as home buyers and tries to make the whole process simpler for both parties. The MBSA helps out the builders and manufacturers with issues like laws and regulations, code compliance, transportation, and the like. Seminars and workshops are often held towards this end. 

For the home buyer, the MBSA provides a communication link to reputed builders and manufacturers. This helps the buyer get peace of mind for he knows that there will be no compromise on the materials used and the quality of work for the price he has to pay. The MBSA can also act as a forum for resolution of any issues that the two parties may encounter while in the process of negotiating a deal on a modular building. The organization is constantly striving its best to ensure that builders, manufacturers and buyers are always getting the best services possible and not wasting their precious time and money.

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