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Modular Homes in VA

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If a high or overpriced housing market prevents you from acquiring the home of your dreams, you might benefit from a custom made modular home. Modular homes in VA are becoming increasingly popular due to a large number of un-affordable homes. The days of finding the perfect starter home for less than $100,000 are gone. For this reasons, individuals buying a new home must be able to meet the expense of a hefty mortgage. With a modular home, homebuyers save money. Site built homes cost more to construct. On the other hand, modular homes in VA are pre-assembled in sections, and built with modules or boxes. Once the different sections of the home are constructed, the property is delivered to its permanent location, where assembly is completed.

There are numerous reasons to purchase modular homes in Virginia. Aside from the cost benefits, the construction time on a modular home is super fast. On site construction times vary. Depending on the size of the home, construction may take 4 to 8 months. In addition, construction times can be delayed for several reasons. When a home is built in a climate controlled environment, it is protected for outdoor elements that can slow down the construction. On average, modular home builders ask buyers to allow a completion time of up to three months. However, the home may be completed in less time – perhaps 8 to 10 weeks.

Modular homes in VA follow local and state building codes, thus they appreciate in value like a single family home. Mobile homes typically depreciate like a car, which makes it harder to acquire financing from a lender. For this reason, the majority of mobile home dealers offer special financing. With a modular home, you can apply for financing with any bank or mortgage lender. These homes are classified as regular houses, and getting approved for financing is simple.

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