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Modular Homes Pricing

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Less than a decade ago, it was possible for a homebuyer to purchase a single family starter home for less than $100,000. Today, that price has nearly doubled, which makes it difficult, even impossible, for a person to buy their first home. Granted, some regions continue to offer affordable homes. Thus, many people consider relocation in an effort to avoid overextending themselves. However, if you live in a high priced housing market, and moving is not a feasible option, contact a local manufactured home dealer, and discuss modular homes pricing packages. This is the best way to buy a new construction property, without spending a lot of money.

Modular homes pricing packages vary depending on style. Obviously, price is based primarily on the size of the property, plus the interior and exterior features. If seeking an inexpensive home, you can purchase a small 900 square foot modular for less than $70,000. This might include two bedrooms, one bathroom, living, dining, and kitchen. On the other hand, if your family is larger, and requires a more spacious area, select a larger rancher, two-story, or split level modular home. The prices for these types of constructions range from $80,000 - $200,000.

Prior to choosing a modular home floor plan, consider browsing several home galleries, and talking with different dealers. Modular homes pricing are comparable. However, some dealers or builders may offer certain discounts on home features. When buying a modular home, you are free to customize the property to your own specification. Simply discuss the desired interior and exterior features. Next, the home is constructed in pieces within a climate controlled warehouse. Once the segments are finished, the modular home is moved to the site location, and construction is completed. The final modular home pricing includes pre-assembly, laying the foundation, and delivery.

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