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What sets successful modular home manufacturers apart from their – perhaps less successful - counterparts is not only the types of services they offer, such as one-stop shopping when it comes to purchasing land and then also financing the whole experience, but quite possibly the most important aspect of remaining competitive are the various modular home plans they offer to their eager customers. After all, in housing it is a true adage that one size does not fit all, and more and more consumers are unwilling to simply choose between two or three different home styles. Manufacturers have gotten the message, and to this end many now offer a wide variety of modular home plans to their customers to choose from.


Did you know that there are some manufacturers who specialize in Victorian modular home plans? It is true!  If you have dreamed of living in a Victorian home, but believed that this privilege was reserved for those who were able to buy up the old mansions that were built some 40 to 50 years ago in the downtown areas, you will need to think again!  You too will now be able to own this kind of a home – modular style! With four bedrooms and two and one half bathrooms, this 2,600 square foot home is as beautiful as it is functional, and with the savings you will realize in modular home building, you can be assured that you will actually save a lot of money while having your home constructed. If you need a larger home, speak to your manufacturer about either taking out the formal dining room – although this is a key feature in a Victorian home – or adding another room to the second story.

If you feel that Victorian modular home plans are a bit too much for your neighborhood and you are more interested in a different kind of residence, why not check out the many Cape Cod style homes that are now being offered on the modular market?  These homes will include a second story that has become so much more popular these days, while making the home ready to put in Martha’ Vineyard or anywhere in Cape Cod itself. If you still cannot find what you are looking for at your manufacturer, why not contact an independent architect who specializes in modular home plans. These individuals know the industry inside and out, and they will be able to draft a set of plans for you that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood, and they will be able to do it specifically for building in a modular home factory. It is imperative to realize that standard building plans will most likely not work for a modular home, and even though your manufacturer will do her or his utmost to accommodate your wishes, if a home cannot be built according to plans you are offering, you will need to understand that the plans will either need to be modified, or started over from scratch. Going to an architect at the beginning of your quest will help you to receive the properly build-able plans for your unique dream home.

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