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Potential buyers of new homes are beginning to look at the advantages of a modular home. It isn’t unusual for a home buyer to confuse a modular home with a manufactured home. A manufactured home is built with a permanent transportation frame according to the federal standards set by HUD. A modular home is built to the specifications of the buyer according to the local zoning requirements. The difference is in the building process.

A modular home is constructed largely in the controlled environment of the factory. It is put together in parts that are assembled on site. The advantages of a modular home are all in the building process. The controlled manufacturing environment avoids problems that occur when the partially completed site built home is exposed to rough weather. It may be less expensive since there are no weather delays, delays in material deliveries or because the contractor or builder has an emergency on another site. That’s why it’s the modular homes Arizona loves.

How it’s Done

The modular homes Arizona loves begin the building process when a buyer contacts a modular home builder and begins designing the ideal home. Today’s state of the art home builders use computer assisted drafting to guide the buyer through the design. Often, the builder has a few model homes for the buyer to see on the computer. Together, buyer and builder work together to tweak the model - adding a bedroom here, enlarging the kitchen there – until the perfect home results.

Without the need to order construction materials to the site, find sub-contractors and wait for good weather, the construction begins immediately. While the construction begins, the site can be prepared with a foundation laid and connections made to the local plumbing and electrical supplies. Once the construction is complete, often with the interior finished, the parts are transported to the site and installed. According to an Internet site that offers information on the process, “Normally the home is completed in two or three weeks.”

Once the modules are delivered and placed on the site, some finishing work is done by local contractors. They connect the utilities and do whatever specific jobs are needed for that model of home. Landscaping is done by local contractors as well. The modular homes Arizona loves look just like homes that were build on-site. They are financed in just the same way, too.

With the modern techniques and materials used, banks have no problem issuing mortgages for the modular home. And realtors are happy to list them when the time comes to put them up for sale. The modular homes Arizona loves keep their value. In the words of MHA Builders, “When you come to sell your home, you'll be glad it's a modular.” That’s not surprising since on-site building doesn’t allow for inspections during the building process that modular homes receive.

While the concept of modular homes sounds a little strange, the homes are constructed just the same as “normal” homes. They’re just made in a local factory according to the local zoning requirements. Then they are shipped to the site and the separate modules are put together. Each of the rooms in each module is complete – usually with the walls painted and carpets laid. No wonder it’s the modular homes Arizona loves so much.

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