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When people think of Canadian homes they envision either quaint little cottages in the wild or huge mansions in the big city. Very seldom do the thoughts land somewhere in the middle. However there are many options available for modular homes Canada style, including the quaint cottages and large executive-style homes

Modular homes are available in the ‘A’ frame style for recreational use and a larger two story version is available and will an attractive presence in the country. There are several design of homes for typical neighborhoods and large three story homes made to fit your lifestyle.

Many of the fine modular homes Canada has to offer are available from new modular home retailers and independent contractors. The advantages of a modular home include the time element in completing a house. Typically, a site built home can take from five to nine months before it is ready for occupancy and the building season in some parts of the country can be quite short. Modular homes are about 80 percent constructed in a factory controlled environment, allowing construction to be done all year, regardless of the weather. Once delivered to the home site it usually takes between four and six weeks before the home is in move-in  condition.

Strength is built into every modular home based on the need for extra strength during transport once the home is complete. It will be lifted by crane onto trailers and factory and then driven to the home site, typically not a smooth ride, and once there another crane will take it off the trailer and place it on the ground. When it is that parts turn for assembly, it will once more be lifted by a crane and put in its rightful place. There are many site build walls that could handle being moved and lifted as often.

Floor joists measuring two inches by ten inches with exterior walls made with two inch by six inch studs held the home maintain its strength through transport and for years of being lived in as well. Insulation is stuffed into every exterior wall and ceiling making the home better to withstand cold Canadian winters.

If a garage is wanted, packages for one, two or three car garages are available as an option, usually being constructed at the home site by the contractor assembling the house. Other out-buildings can be added as options as well, but again, they will have to be built by the contractor.

Cathedral ceilings are also available, some standard and some as option on modular homes Canada, depending on the style and size of the house chosen. Instead of high ceilings in the garage, some opt for the option of having the ceiling dropped, gaining a bonus area for extra storage. Upgrades of plumbing and electric fixtures are also options available, as are door and cabinet hardware, on modular homes Canada and can usually be added while still maintaining the cost at or even below the price of a new site built home.

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