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Are you considering building a home?  Perhaps you own your own home right now, but after some adding on and remodeling you realize that it still does not meet all of your needs in such a way as you need it.  Or maybe you have decided that you do not want to spend a lot of money trying to make an old house fit into your new life, but instead you will spend your hard-earned cash on designing a home that will be perfect for you from the get-go, and you might even design it with future life changes in mind!  Obviously, you could meet with an architect and have her or him draw up some floor plans, and then find a contractor who can make these plans a reality.  Yet you also realize that this means that your new dream home will be at the mercy of the weather, the contractor, and any one of the many subcontractors who might be working on it at any given time.  This might spell trouble if a rainstorm comes your way, or if a wet fall or early winter snowfall is predicted.  The latter are all indication of a vacant building site, labor crews that will have no work to do, deadlines that need to be pushed back, and quite possibly additional funds that will need to be paid to contractors who will have to purchase new lumber to replace the old, waterlogged beams and boards that make up the frame of your home.


Yet you know that you can avoid all of this simply by having your home built inside a climate controlled factory. This kind of home is referred to as a modular home, since it is built in sections and then transported to the site where it will ultimately spend its life. Did you know that you can actually go ahead and design your own modular homes floor plans? Go to any factory, and you will be able to choose from a large variety of modular homes floor plans that have already been designed, signed off on by the appropriate code enforcement agencies, and for which the builder has a good estimate of cost of materials and labor.  Yet in those rare cases that you do not find what you are looking for, you do have the option of designing a floor plan on your own.

Of course, before setting out to design your own modular homes floor plan, there are a few things you will need to know. First and foremost, you will need to know that you do not have to go it alone.  Manufacturers have consultants on stand-by who will be able to look over plans you may have already drawn up to see if they are realistic and if they can even be built as a modular home to begin with.  Very often a floor plan that will work great for a brick and mortar home will not work for a modular home. Yet sometimes a little bit of adjusting the drawings, and you will have a very close rendition of these plans! Keep in mind that doing this will cost you a bit of money, since the extra work involved will raise the price of any construction and also labor costs.

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