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Modular Homes in Georgia

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Many experts in the field argue that in the present day scenario, the term “modular homes”, has become redundant. Some even go as far as to call them “the hybrid-car of the house-building industry”. Modular homes in Georgia are not much different from manufactured homes. Modular homes are assembled on site and built to various local building codes, rather than a single, national code. The laws and legislations regarding the two types of structures are significantly different in most states all across the United States.

To many people, modular homes in Georgia are nothing but boxy construction made of not so high quality building materials. Advocates of modular homes in Georgia have been arguing that changes are required in state and local policies so that these homes are treated as permanent homes and not as the recreational vehicles that they were about a few years ago. As a result, the state has now adopted a community land trust model, also known as CLT, to deal with land control issues. This means that owners or residents of modular homes in Georgia will have to be given notice when a park owner or investor intends to sell or make changes to the use of the park.

The residents will also have to be given a chance to make an offer to buy the land on which their homes are before it is sold .Consumer protection for residents of modular homes in Georgia also figures prominently in many of the proposed reforms. But numerous factors such as government policies, the fluctuating economy, and real estate prices, are all turning out to be hurdles for those pushing for reforms in this sector. These issues are not exclusive to one region or one state and are under discussion in many places at different levels of policy-making.

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