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Modular Homes in Iowa

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Modular homes in Iowa, like elsewhere, are built in sections in a factory and are required to conform to all state, local and regional building codes at the locations where they are to be set down. Modular homes in Iowa are inspected by local building inspectors to ensure that a home’s structural requirements are met. These homes often turn out to be less expensive per square foot than site-built houses. While your land plot is being prepared for a home, your home is being built in a factory at the same time thus saving you the extra times required for construction of an on-site home.
Certain modular homes have axles and frames as in manufactured homes but these are removed before the homes are installed, unlike in manufactured homes. Today, modular homes in Iowa and elsewhere have many things in common with manufactured homes. These homes are on a level similar to traditional homes. Also known as panelized homes, they offer a lot of scope for innovation and design unlike the modular homes a decade ago. A modular home in Iowa could take anywhere between a couple of weeks to three months to be completed.

Extra fittings area also offered by most manufacturers in modular homes in Iowa. These could be things like a hot tub or a Jacuzzi or granite countertops in the kitchen or the beautiful skylights you have always wanted in your home. These accessories may or may not be included in the final quoted price of your new modular home. So talk to the dealer and get a description of what amenities are included in the price and what you may have to pay extra for. Installation and attaching of fixtures is all done after the modular home is built and brought to the site where it is to be set up.

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