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Massachusetts is a wonderful East Coast state but construction in Ma can be unpredictable because that’s what the weather is. The probability of rain, especially in the spring, can deter any building schedule. This is a large reason why modular homes are popular choices for many perspective homebuyers in the East Coast market.

If you are interested in modular homes MA dealers have plenty to offer. You can select several different floor plans when you choose a modular home and most home styles, including colonial, can be duplicated. While many people automatically think of trailer parks when they think of modular homes, the modular home is significantly different and should not be quickly dismissed.

The construction of modular homes occurs between 80 and 95 percent in factories. They are constructed in sections and the sections are delivered complete and ready for final and permanent assembly on your building lot. Once completely constructed, modular homes resemble similar style site-built homes.

The benefits of modular homes in Massachusetts and other East Coast states are best discovered when the time saved in construction due to weather delays are evident. A customer can order a custom modular home and have the home delivered 90% complete within a few short weeks. It might take only a day or two for final site assembly to be completed, making it seem like your home is built in days rather than months.

In addition to the money saved when time is saved, the actual price of a modular home compared to a similarly sized site-built home may be up to 30% less. The average savings of modular homes over site-built homes will vary depending on many circumstances, but often come out slightly less.

Most experts in the new home construction industry agree that choosing between modular homes and traditional homes are a matter of preference. They both achieve the same goal, but just as many people prefer bagels to biscuits, some people have a preference in construction methods.

Either way, if you are interested in modular homes MA has many dealers across the state where you can compare options and pricing. Remember to keep in mind that you will pay for delivery and transportation, so it’s cost effective to work with a dealer or manufacturer near your intended building site. You can check with local real estate agents for available building lots.

You owe it to yourself to investigate modular homes as one option for constructing your dream home. It’s one of the largest investments you will ever make and it should be made only after you’ve armed yourself with knowledge of all your options. You may be surprised to learn you had many more options than you ever imagined.

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