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Modular Homes North Carolina

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Modular homes are no longer harnessed with the stigma of a boxy mobile home. In fact, advancements in the construction process now make it possible to design many differently styles of homes from cape cods to colonials right in a factory. Perspective homebuyers are also taking note in industry changes and are choosing modular homes at historically high rates. According to Building Systems Magazine, the modular homes industry saw an 11% increase over previous sales in 2002 and the rate has been increasing.

Modular homes, North Carolina and elsewhere, are being constructed at record rates, and North Carolina is the top state for placement. The reasons could be many, but some believe it may be linked to quality and value. After Hurricane Andrew, new building codes were imposed in order to help avoid wide spread destruction in future hurricanes. What industry trends have shown is that modular homes fare better against raging storms than comparable site-built homes.

By and large, this reason is probably due to the extra support of the walls in a modular home. Modular homes are constructed with more lumber than site-built homes because they must withstand the impact of transport and lifting into place on site for assembly. If this makes them a sturdier home, then so much the better.

Other reasons why modular homes, North Carolina and elsewhere, are gaining attention is cost and time. The cost of new home construction has deterred many people from constructing their dream home, but a modular home can often be constructed with savings of 10% to 20% and higher. Time is another factor that intrigues buyers. A modular home can be constructed in just a few short weeks after an order is placed. It can then be delivered and completely assembled on a prepared lot in as little as one day.

Modular homes are 80 to 90% constructed in a factory setting. The floors, interior and exterior walls, and windows all come finished for complete assembly. Builders simply attach the sections to the foundation and each other, connect all utilities and wire the light fixtures. A certificate of occupancy can be granted immediately.

North Carolina and other coastal areas are a good setting for modular homes if they withstand the weather better than their traditional counterpart site-built homes, but other factors may be considered. North Carolina is both a great place to live and to visit. As baby boomers near retirement, many are investing in second homes to spend winters or summers away from home. While North Carolina isn’t as popular as some states for retirement, it’s a popular choice for summer and vacation homes.

Modular homes offer security, ease of maintenance and affordability – three reasons why perspective homebuyers might choose this previously over-looked option. You can get more information about pricing and options by contacting a dealer. Remember that you pay delivery and transport charges in addition to the construction costs of modular homes, so choose a dealer who works with manufacturers near your desired area.

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