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Ohio is the heart of it all, or so they say. New home construction has been booming in many parts of Ohio for the past decade. However, Ohio, like many other areas has experienced an increase in housing costs as well. You might be surprised to learn that if you are in the market for modular homes Ohio has many dealers and manufacturers to assist you.

Many states previously had a bad impression of modular homes Ohio being no exception. However, in recent years as the industry has advanced due to rising construction costs, improved technology, and modern design trends, the industry’s professionalism has risen. Many people automatically think of double wide trailers and small community lots when they think of modular homes. However, modular homes can be any style, any design, and virtually any size a customer wants.

Surprisingly, modular homes are gaining a reputation for being stout built homes because they actually contain more lumber than traditional site-built homes. The modular home must withstand transport from the factory and assembly on site and therefore requires more lumber to bear the weight load. Further, because modular homes are constructed almost entirely within a factory, delays from weather do not effect and prolong the building process.

There are of course some limitations to modular homes and some custom designs cannot be met by the process. However, perspective new homebuyers should not completely out rule the modular homes Ohio dealers and manufacturers have to offer without first seeing what’s available.

If you have a lot awaiting your dream home, be sure to investigate all your options completely before you decide. If you are looking for a lot to build on, there are many areas of Ohio from the northwest to the southeast that are rural and not heavily developed, yet conveniently located near modern amenities like shopping, dining, and entertainment. Contact an Ohio real estate agent to help you find just the right lot or utilize the multiple listing service for Ohio online. The average sized building lot in Ohio ranges from a half acre to several acres in many areas and pricing in the midwest isn’t as high as some areas of the country.

Remember that choosing modular construction over traditional is mostly a matter of preference, but budget can play a role too. In some cases, modular construction can save homebuyers as much as 30% even with delivery and transportation fees. Modular homes Ohio dealers and manufacturers can give you more information on pricing and floor plans along with custom options. The Ohio real estate market has experienced a steady growth in the last ten years and modular homes typically retain their value as well as comparable site built homes in the same area. If you are looking to build your own hearth in the heart of all, contact a dealer/manufacturer today.

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