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Building a home in the state with a reputation for some of the worst weather in the continental United States makes Washington an ideal environment for modular homes. Many people seem to have received that message since modular homes WA is a rapidly growing industry.

Fortunately, there are many options for modular homes WA that can enable just about anyone to find a home suitable for their family. Whether it is growing or shrinking, there are needs for new homes and when looking for a new one, take a look at some of the options for modular homes WA.

For example, all the kids are gone and it is just the two of in a rambling four bedroom, two story house, you may be inclined to find a smaller home. Less maintenance, less cleaning and overall less work can be a pretty good enticement to look for modular homes WA, and finding one that may cost less than a new site built home and can save you money on utilities and interest on your construction loan, can put the idea over the top.

Then there are those living in a house in need of extensive renovations. The choices used to be just two. Go through the expense of remodeling or tear it down and rebuild. Either choice is going to be expensive and take several months to complete, disrupting your life, as well as your bank account, for a long time. Not to mention delays caused by the usually Washington weather.

A third option is to tear it down and replace it with a modular home. Many people after crunching the numbers of remodeling determine it makes better financial sense to simply replace the house but do not want to live somewhere else for up to possibly a year, or maybe more. A modular home can be ready to ship to your site in five to eight weeks, depending on its size and other options added, with another five to eight weeks for final construction, putting you out of your house for maybe five months at the most.

You can choose one of many designs offered by modular home builders or find one to work with you on designing your own to fit your existing lot. Planning to keep the basement may also be an option, depending on the builder and general contractor you choose.

While the price of the home you decide on will include the delivery to your site, it does not normally include the price of putting it together and site preparation. Getting the house to you represents about 80 percent of the cost with other 20 percent going for work at your home site.

A qualified, experienced contractor will be needed to insure the house goes together according to plan and in accordance with local and state building codes. They can also be used to add garages or other separate buildings not included with the original construction. The contractor can also offer advice on whether it is possible to keep the existing basement or foundation or easier and cheaper to rebuild one.

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