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Modular Homes Wisconsin

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Buying modular homes Wisconsin residents can live in will involve a little research.  The first thing that you need to take into consideration is what exterior design will fit in with the Wisconsin community the home will be located in.  If you live in a community that has building covenants, then you will need to get your model approved before you purchase your modular home.  Ask your community’s board of directors to see if there are guidelines you will need to follow in regards to the age of the modular home, the exterior colors, and the architectural style of the home.  After learning about restrictions that will impact your home choice you will be ready to start your home search.

With the covenant restrictions and guidelines in hand you will be able to visit companies that sell modular homes Wisconsin residents can live in.  Tell your salesperson about the covenant guidelines that you must follow, as well as what you want in your home.  They will be able to use this information to narrow your search to specific model homes.  Generally speaking the modular home styles that are popular in Wisconsin include ranches, cottages, multi-section, multi-story, lofts, and Cape Cod style homes.  As you walk through the model homes look for layouts that will fit your lifestyle.  Make sure that you are getting the right number of rooms, bathrooms, and square footage that you want and need.

In addition to meeting size and layout needs of Wisconsin residents, modular homes Wisconsin residents buy will also need to be built to handle the climatic challenges of the state.  For example you will want to make sure that your home has enough insulation to keep you warm during the winter, and to protect you from the heat in the summer.  You may also want to look for energy saving features like low-e windows, energy efficient appliances, and energy efficient water heaters and furnaces.  In addition to taking steps to ensure that you can afford your energy needs in the winter, you will also want to consider installing central air to help you handle the weather conditions in the summer.  Again look for energy efficient cooling systems.

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