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Modular NC

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Modular homes are popular in many areas of the country, especially the northeast and east coast, including North Carolina. With the modern advancements in factory construction, modular homes sales are growing more and more each year. Modular NC homes can be found in various areas around the state and offer many choices to the homebuyer.

New modular NC homes can be ordered through a licensed dealer. You can choose from stock floor plans, modify existing floor plans, or create your own custom floor plan. Long gone are the days when a modular home was a box style ranch with less than 1000 square feet. In fact, most modular homes today mimic all the modern conveniences and style of traditional built homes.

If you are looking for modular NC homes, you might want to enlist the services of a real estate agent to see what is available on the market and compare different areas. Deciding between new or existing is up to you, but information is the key. Compare market values and pricing of new construction and be sure you are getting what you want in a home. Remember that even with the unpredictable weather in North Carolina, a modular NC home can be completed on schedule as the majority of construction occurs in a factory.

If you are considering a new modular NC home, you should also keep in mind that landscaping is up to you. North Carolina’s growing climate is conducive to many types of grasses, plants, shrubbery and trees and several perennials and trees can last year round. Landscaping of a modular home is limited only to your own personal tastes and budget.

Searching for an existing modular NC home already on the market is easy to do with an agent, but keep in mind that FSBO (for sale by owner) is a viable choice as well. Many listing services in the North Carolina area are available for homebuyers to search. Sometimes, the best deal might be found in an existing home. If you want new, simply compare your options with a licensed dealer. You may need to employ the services of a real estate agent to find the right lot for your modular NC home. There are many different landscapes in North Carolina providing residents a varied rather than limited choice in setting.

Financing a modular NC home is very similar to financing a traditional home. Talk to a dealer or your own bank about financing options. If you are relocating, find a relocation specialist or work with a broker-agent to learn about the legal aspects of property ownership in North Carolina. Most laws pertaining to building codes, property and real estate contracts, and inspections are the same for both modular homes and traditional site-built homes.

Whether you are relocating, just starting out, or preparing for retirement, North Carolina offers scenic landscaping and a stable modular housing market. Be sure to compare market values in all areas of interest before you buy and arm yourself with the knowledge to make a sound investment.

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