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Modular plans are the bread and butter of the modular home building industry. Many times these plans are the difference that will attract one customer to choose one builder over another.  Add to this the fact that many manufacturers have now turned into full service offices – helping their customer not only with the home building itself, but also offering land deal packages and even being the liaison to the financing office of the local bank – and there are less and less difference that will help the average consumer to differentiate between a company they want to do business with and one that they will pass by.  In this effort to remain competitive, the modular plans available for the consumer to take a look at, use, and even adapt are the main difference and therefore more and more attention is paid to their development.

Yet a new segment of the consumer population has sprung up: the individuals who have a good idea of what they are looking for in a home, and who may approach the manufacturer with their own modular plans in hand.  The question then does not become which kind of home would you like to buy, but instead the question becomes whether or not the manufacturer can make your dream a reality!  Obviously, there are some caveats to this procedure, and consumers will need to realize that the standard plans that you can get out of the magazines that are for sale at the registers of the big box home improvement stores will usually not be workable plans for a modular home.  Similarly, simply because you see a beautiful floor plan in a magazine featuring cabins and other gorgeous pieces of real estate, keep in mind that these plans are either for ready to build prefab kits, or for site built homes which are done differently in their entirety when compared to the plans for a modular home. 

Of course, if you have your heart set on creating your own modular plans, it is best to start out with a blank piece of paper and ask yourself some questions.  For example, how many bedrooms do you need?  Do not simply think about the short term, but dare to think of the long term as well – will you be an empty nester soon, or is there perhaps a new family on the way? Similarly, how many bathrooms do you want? Do you like ranch style living, or do you prefer the height of a two-story home? Do you like a formal dining room, or will a breakfast nook meet your needs? Working together with a manufacturer will help you to think of other questions and answers, which in turn will affect your modular plans. At this point you will be able to tell apart the manufacturer with whom you want to do business from the one you will want to pass by not only by virtue of their Better Business Bureau rating, but also on the company’s willingness and ability to sit down with you and help you design plans for your home that are uniquely yours.

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