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Considering the number of modular home builders in the country, becoming the best modular home builder in the nation is a fairly lofty goal. Yet, is one that Nationwide Modular Homes. Founded in 1959, is continually striving to reach.

With three factories in Virginia and two in North Carolina they are able to meet the needs of anyone with a desire to the quality built into all Nationwide Modular Homes, regardless of where they live or style of home customers are looking for.

From stylish one-floor homes that reflect a simpler time, to luxury three-story mansions can all be customized and built to exacting specifications. The Village Collection offers homes ranging from 760 square feet to almost 1,800 square feet. The Legacy series offers home from 2,100 to 2,600 square feet while the Silver Series’ homes range from about 1,200 to 2,400 square feet and the Gold Series from about 2,100 to 3,400 square feet.

All Nationwide Modular Homes are built in a controlled factory environment under the watch of inspectors for the state in which the home will be built to insure that state’s building codes are followed every step of the way. Additionally, all materials are stored under cover preventing damage from the elements as all cuts are precision made using only the finest quality equipment.

This process offers better quality construction techniques as opposed to having boards cut with a hand saw at the site where fits are sometimes forced to work instead of being designed to work and fit properly. Fastening as well is accomplished with pneumatic equipment so that every nail is driven to the proper depth instead of being hammered by hand which may leave some scarred or weak connections.

All construction plans have a certain degree of latitude for customization and all plans are inspected and approved by your state’s code division for compliance to ensure that when the house arrives by truck on the building site, everything inside the house has already been properly and thoroughly inspected. The on sire contractor will still have had to perform site preparation and been in contact with local and state inspectors for the final connections for the house’s utilities, but by buying a Nationwide Modular Home it can be built in about half the time as a site built home.

Financing a Nationwide Modular Home is the same as a site-built home with conventional lenders and consumer lenders willing to provide mortgage assistance. Unlike just a few short years ago, modular homes were often confused with manufactured homes, also known as mobile homes, and many banks would not touch them with a mortgage.

Since construction of a modular home is in the factory controlled environment and waste is limited the cost to build one is less than a site built home and Nationwide Modular Homes passes that savings on to you. The price of a home is dependent on any customized changes made to the basic floor plan and the delivery distance. Total costs will be determined by the amount of necessary site work and other options that the buyer adds at the site, such as a  garage or other construction extras.

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