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Oakwood Manufactured Homes

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Oakwood manufactured homes have been around since 1946. Oakwood manufactured homes is a publicly held company. It does its own manufacturing, retailing, financing and insuring.  Here are just a few of the things you should expect from Oakwood manufactured homes. Keep in mind that you can have most anything customized in your home, as long as it will meet building requirements and codes. 

  • Oakwood manufactured homes use frames that are made out of heavy duty steel I-bream.
  • They also use steel webbed outriggers. This means the walls are better supported and will not be as stressed.
  • Oakwood manufactured homes use uniform transverse floor joists.
  • Their decking is solid, glued and fastened.
  • Their homes have a bottom board. This keeps out moisture, as well as those pesky pests!
  • The floors in the “wet areas” of the homes are covered with sealant.
  • They use non combustible sheetrock lined furnace cavities in their homes.
  • Their heat ducts are in one piece.
  • Exterior 2 x 4 wall studs. Studs on 16” centers.
  • Closets are lined. White wire closet shelving is used throughout the homes.
  • There are ground fault interrupters in all of the bathrooms.
  • Water supply lines are high grade. They resist cracks that could result from temperature changes or from being moved. These lines are made to last a lifetime. The fitting are also high grade.
  • The water heaters in most homes are 30 gallon, 220 volt electric water heaters. Gas water heaters are also optional.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • All multi section homes come with a fully ventilated shingled roof. This is optional for single homes. Fiberglass shingles have a 20 year warranty.
  • Soil resistant carpet.
  • Scuff resistant tile.
  • The insulation in the exterior walls and floor is fiberglass insulation.
  • The wall surfaces around the cooking area is made from fire resistant gypsum sheetrock.
  • Vinyl siding is maintenance free. You do not have to fear that it will mildew or rust.
  • Aluminum siding will not rust. It is secured to home with anodized and painted screws.
  • Weather stripping around all the windows and doors.
  • Electrical, water, gas and waste lines meet or exceed building codes.
  • All of the homes that are built by Oakwood manufactured homes meet the federal standards and are checked by a third party.

As you can see Oakwood manufactured homes have been around for years for very good reasons. They are very particular about the materials and components that make up your home. If you are in the market for a manufactured home you should stop by an Oakwood dealer. See what they offer and compare it to other homes on the market. Do a side by side comparison and make a wise buying choice.

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