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Oakwood Modular Homes

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For the person looking for a quality home that will last for years at a price that their budget will support, Oakwood modular homes may be just the right choice. There are numerous factors that make Oakwood modular homes an excellent opportunity for today’s home buyer.

Price is probably what many people associate with factory-manufactured houses, such as Oakwood modular homes, and with good reason. These homes do tend to be better priced than the more traditional site built options, but not for the reasons people tend to think. People used to assume that the lower price of these types of homes indicated a lesser quality than site built. This simply is not the case.

Oakwood modular homes are competitively priced because the means of manufacturing them – factory built – is much more efficient than one at a time on site building. Decades of experience and technological advances have led to this efficiency in labor and time. Furthermore, these homes are built with transporting in mind, meaning they have to be sturdy and carefully designed, which is why often they will exceed the quality of site built homes of comparable design and value. The quality of Oakwood modular homes is part of the reason that, in addition to being affordably priced, financing is readily available for many interested parties.

In addition to meeting and often exceeding HUD standards and local safety codes and residential building requirements, Oakwood modular homes are attractively designed. Factory built does not mean cookie-cutter look-a-likes, and there are numerous styles and floor plans to choose from, as well as an assortment of customization options.

The interiors of Oakwood modular homes are truly something special, featuring cabinets and other essentials and add-ons that are made by hand, with skill and attention to detail. Form and function come together beautifully to make a home that is as comfortable and convenient as it is pleasing to the eye.

Just as important to the interior as what you can see is what you can’t, and Oakwood modular homes feature electrical and plumbing systems that can be counted on for quality and durability. Quality materials and skilled work ensures trouble-free living for years to come. In addition, Oakwood modular homes are designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind, which in addition to making sense financially, also makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment and finite natural resources. 

Manufactured homes have come a long way since they first came onto the market and Oakwood modular homes have long been among those that feature innovative designs and concepts in both building and safety. There are numerous places throughout the nation to see examples of these fine homes and get a feel for just how comfortable life could be in one.

Oakwood modular homes have a great deal to offer their potential buyers, as each is built upon a foundation of decades of excellence and experience. These affordable and attractive homes provide a unique opportunity to own a quality home that will last for years, at a price that is within reach of the average home buyer today.

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