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Panelized Homes

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There are many different types of manufactured homes that you can choose from.  The most well known type of manufactured home is the so called “mobile home.”  Mobile homes are built off-site in a factory and then transported to the building site.  You can select the model of your mobile home from various floor plans.  The drawback to this type of manufactured home is that you generally have size and shape limitations, as well as layout limitations.  The second type of manufactured home is the prefab log home.  Prefab log homes offer you the opportunity to build a log cabin for less than it would cost to build a custom home from scratch.  Once you select the floor plan that you are interested in the log home manufacturer cuts and notches the logs, and puts the home’s shell together without using fixatives.  Once the entire home is put together like Lincoln Logs, the home is disassembled and the pre-notched and numbered logs are transported to your building site to be re-assembled.  The drawback of this building process is that you have to generally hire a contractor to put your home together once the logs have been delivered to your building site, as the prefab log home manufacturer doesn’t always offer this service. The final type of manufactured home is panelized homes.

Panelized homes are like other manufactured home types in that they are first built in factories and then transported to the building site. What makes panelized homes special is that they are not complete homes.  Instead you get to select from pre-made wall panels.  You can select which wall panels you want to buy, and which panels you don’t want to buy.  This allows you to use panelized home sections to add on to your existing home, or to buy panelized home sections to build a complete home.

There are several advantages to using panelized homes instead of other manufactured housing options. The first option is that panelized homes manufacturers often offer their own special financing options that accept sweat equity in place of financial equity.  Your second advantage for using this type of manufactured housing option is that it is much easier to customize your home with panelized homes then it is with a mobile home.  Finally panelized homes usually come with blueprints and consultative services that other types of manufactured home options don’t offer.

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