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Patriot Manufactured Homes

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There are many advantages of buying a manufactured home.  Manufactured homes are tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than site built homes, they are built to higher standards than site built homes are, and they are customizable.  If you are considering buying a manufactured home, and you live in Texas, Alabama, or Indiana, then you may want to consider one of the many quality models offered by patriot manufactured homes.

Patriot manufactured homes is a the 27th largest home builder in the United States when compared to all of the home builders that produce single family homes.  In business since 1972, this family owned company has been leading the industry in their geographical territory for over thirty years. Their success is due mostly to their products’ quality and the unique series of floorplans that they offer.


Patriot manufactured homes offer single-wide models, multi-sectional models, ranch style models, as well as two story models.  They also offer duplex and condo models that can be used for income properties.  The type and variety of models offered by a patriot homes dealership will vary by regions, as each of the four main dealerships specializes in a particular selection of home styles.  The four main dealerships for patriot homes include: EnergyMate Homes, Crystal Valley Homes, Patriot Homes of Texas, and Patriot Homes of Alabama.

Patriot Homes of Texas is located at 1001 West Loop 340, Waco, Texas 76712.  They offer 51 different floorplans that range from 2 bedroom 2 bathroom models, to four bedroom two bathroom models.  The home series that they carry include: the Alamo Series, the Mission Series, and the Bluebonnet series.

Crystal Valley is an Indiana patriot manufactured homes dealership.  They are located at 10440 Co. Rd. 2, Middleburry, Indiana 46540.  They offer 117 floor plans including models from the following home series: Crystal Valley, Northridge II, Ultimate Value Series, and Village Ridge Series.

EnergyMate Homes is the second dealership in Indiana that carries patriot homes.  They are located at 57420 C.R. 3 South, Elkhart, Indiana 46517.  They offer 117 floorplans including Two Story, Crystal Valley Modular, Ranch, Heart Land 30’, Duplex, Lexington Series, Cape Cod, and Patriot Series homes.  This dealership offers the best selection of home styles to choose from, and their homes look like popular contemporary traditional homes.

The final dealership that offers patriot homes is Patriot Homes of Alabama.  They are located at 1871 Bexar Avenue East, Hamilton, Alabama 35570.  They offer 67 floorplans including Pinnacle, Pinnabcle Floridian, and E-Class Series homes.

Patriot manufactured homes are known for their quality and their design options.  Because of the extensive range of home designs offered by this company you can use patriot homes for many purposes.  First you can use them for your primary residence, secondly you can use them for a rental property, or finally you can use them for a vacation home.  With their variety of uses, variety of design options, and reasonable pricing, it is easy to come to the conclusion that patriot homes are an affordable and potentially profitable real estate investment

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