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There are several kinds of pre fab housing. One of the best known types is the mobile home, now referred to as a manufactured home. Although new techniques in building and design make the manufactured home more attractive, a big turn-off for this kind of pre fab housing is the belief that it is a bad housing investment. The pre fab home itself can maintain its value if it’s well-built to start with and is taken care of over time. The biggest potential problem is the property it sits on. Most traditional homes are owned by same person who owns the land.

They are sold together. Often, the value of the home is estimated with the value of the land. In spite of the fact that many people picture a pre fab mobile home in a trailer park on rented land; there is no reason that it can’t be put on land owned by the homeowner. “If you buy the land and install the home properly it can become appreciating real estate with a title recorded as a matter of public record just like a site-built home. If, on the other hand, you simply rent the space, your home tends to depreciate much like the value of a parked car or truck.”

If you want to purchase land for your pre fab mobile home, be sure that the local zoning laws allow manufactured homes and that restrictions on size and appearance do not present a problem. Similar to restrictions set by zoning laws are those set by local restrictive covenants. Where such covenants exist, they apply to the use of the land. A title search should clarify any potential problems. Make sure that utilities are available on the land. If electrical lines do not reach or water and sewerage lines have to be built, you may be looking at extra costs. Owning land is a responsibility, but it will add value to your pre fab home.

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