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Prefabricated housing is any house whose major components, ie; walls, flooring, windows, roofing, doors, are assembled in a location other than where the house will permanently sit. In the 20th century, the prefab house was a frequent encounter, but over time the prefab house began to carry a stigma as shoddy, flimsy construction and people began to view them as poor housing choices. However, the prefab house has come full circle and with the advancements in technology and manufacturing, the prefab house is once again becoming a viable and respectable housing option.

The premise behind the prefab house is to construct a home quicker, more efficiently, and of higher quality that traditional site building. In its early years, the prefab house did not quite achieve this concept to the fullest and often, a site built home would win out in quality, if not time. Today though, many companies are producing the prefab house with unmatched quality and in unbeatable time.

Though the prefab house was once a cheaper alternative to site building, the cost savings aren’t as evident as they once were. While its true that time is a savings, the average price per square foot may not be all that different from a traditional home. However, a prefab house isn’t going to cost any more than a traditional home either, and you may be able to purchase a larger prefab house with your money.

There are many dealers of prefab houses across the country. Talk to several before you decide what works for you. You have the option to use different types of material, choose different floor plans, or even customized a floor plan to create your dream home. Only a dealer can give you accurate pricing information for your area.

Market research has shown in recent years that the prefab house is maintaining a value on par with traditional site-built homes in the same areas. You no longer have to worry that a prefab house will serve as a poor investment and can take pride in ownership as you would with any other home. In fact, many manufacturers have facilities that are beyond state of the art, making the products superior in both craftsmanship and quality.
Prefab houses are anywhere from 50% to 85% built in factory conditions. The remaining building will occur on your lot. You dealer should be able to help you coordinate the process from permits to inspections and offer referrals to any subcontractors that might be needed. Upon further research, you will probably learn that the prefab house will bring far less headache to the process than the traditional build. No weather delays, no craft force delays, no material shortages, and less time to complete. This means you could be moved into your new home in as little as three months. Talk to a dealer representative to learn more.

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