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Prefab modular homes are a popular home option for many in the inner cities as well as those building new homes in vacant lots all over suburbia.  Their lower pricing is legendary, and savvy home owners have discovered that for a fraction of the cost that residential home builders have demanded in years past, they will be able to have their dream home built in a factory and then delivered to their plot of land. Gone are the days when rain or snow spelled construction delays – which sometimes went on for months on end – or when weather patterns dictated the need to purchase replacement loads of lumber and dry wall for those materials that were on site and got ruined by the water. Instead, prefab modular homes have all but dominated the thoughts of those individuals who like the idea of an iron-clad building schedule, a budget that is not subject to excess, as well as the luxury of owning one of the great well-built homes around.

Of course, prefab modular homes are more than just pretty faces in the suburban neighborhood.  Considering how many families own property in rural areas, especially the mountainous areas, it is not surprising that more and more of these families are looking toward the modular home construction to help build a vacation home or cabin on their pieces of property.  After all, some of these mountainous areas have treacherous weather where brick and mortar construction is all but guaranteed to stall at some point, simply because of weather delays. Yet if the building of a modular home could be timed to such an extent that the home is delivered during the good weather months, and then the construction phase will go off without a hitch.

To this end, it is not a big surprise that more and more prefab modular homes are being delivered to the mountains and rural areas. If you have ever driven up the highways to the mountains, you will have undoubtedly noticed the caravans of trucks delivering modules of homes. As a matter of fact, for this particular housing market, many prefab modular homes are now designed to have the traditional log cabin look that will make them wonderful additions to the rugged landscape of the out of doors in areas that are far away from suburbia and other more densely populated areas.  Rather than detracting from the beauty of the area, these homes are now working with the layout of the land, and landowners love the idea of integrating a home into the landscape rather than adding a form of blight they hope to soften with a lot of landscaping. The next time when you drive down the rural roads, or up the mountainous roads, take a look at the construction projects that appear to be ongoing everywhere.  You will be able to quickly see the difference in home design as well as the many building sites that sit vacant, while others have a house on them that you distinctly do not remember seeing just a few short months ago.

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