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Prices of Modular Homes

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Before contacting a real estate agent and touring homes, the majority of homebuyers determine an affordable monthly payment. Based on this information, they know how much house they can afford. Because of rising home prices in many regions, the average home cost is well over $200,000, which makes it impossible for a large number of people to buy. Fortunately, there are solutions to increase affordability. Some opt to move to less expensive areas. Then again, others take advantage of inexpensive modular homes.

The prices of modular homes will vary. Nonetheless, there are homes to fit any budget. Modular homes are available in an array of styles and sizes. Obviously, larger models will cost more. If looking for a simple dwelling with a small square footage, you can purchase a modular home, including land, for less than $100,000. Even larger modular homes with nearly 2,000 square feet are available for under $200,000.

Due to the variety of modular homes, it helps to contact a dealer or builder and discuss the prices of modular homes. Tell the dealer exactly what you are looking for. In turn, the dealer or builder may recommend a specific floor plan within your budget, or allow you to browse their catalog of home models. In most instances, the prices of modular homes are included, and the buyer chooses a home that is priced within their means.

The best part about modular homes is that even with customized features, the home is relatively inexpensive. Choose the exterior and interior colors, install a jetted tub, hardwood flooring, marble countertops, etc. A home is your biggest investment. Thus, it only makes sense to add a personalized touch. Modular home builders will not penalize you for customizing or creating a unique floor plan. This way, you can purchase an affordable new construction property.

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