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Redman Mobile Homes

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Redman mobile homes is part of Champion Enterprises, the company serving the pacific northwest and based in Michigan. Champion is known for its manufactured and modular homes. Redman mobile homes are often sold through Champion Enterprises. They come in a variety of floor plans and at least two different sizes. Single-wides are the smaller ones and they can be sixteen feet or less while double-wides are at least twenty feet wide. Initially targeted at people with lifestyles that demanded mobility, today this has changed greatly and as a result other dimensions are also available in Redman mobile homes.


Redman mobile homes are placed in one location but retain the ability to be moved whenever required. These homes are shipped to many locations all over the United States. The company provides prospective buyers with different types of informational material outlining what they have on offer. Reading through this can help you make an informed decision based on your resources and requirements. Options available in Redman mobile homes include refrigerators, gas ranges, dishwasher and disposal, washers and dryers, fireplaces, entertainment centers, floor carpeting, and microwave ovens.

Redman mobile homes also come with insulation to improve energy efficiency and the timber used is said to be of high grade.  Water lines, drainage system, and the heating system, are all in place before the Redman mobile homes leave the facility for installation. Over the years, legal issues regarding mobile homes have changed and these vary from state to state. Matters such as taxation and registration require special attention to detail.

So be sure to look out for loopholes. An expert in the matter such as a lawyer or consultant should be able to answer all your questions in this regard.  It is always better to be safe than sorry later, particularly when making a major investment like buying a home.

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