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Redman Mobile Homes

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Finding affordable housing can be tough but not impossible.  Don’t let your dreams about owning a home die because you are not well off.  The perfect option for families that want a beautiful home at a decent price is Redman mobile homes.  Redman mobile homes have been a leader in the manufactured housing industry for a long time.  You will know you have secured the best quality housing available of you choose to buy from this trusted brand.

Redman mobile homes are constructed according to the guidelines of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.  That means your family will be moving in to safe housing that has passed tests that other homes have not.  The majority of states have agreements with HUD that allow HUD to check the records and practices of factories that build manufactured homes.

Redman mobile homes must be at least 320 square feet with a permanent chassis to protect the home wherever it is transported.  Your home will receive a red label that guarantees it was constructed according to HUD’s safety standards.  No need to worry about the plumbing, electrical wiring, fire safety, thermal protection or the strength of the body and frame because HUD has tough standards in all of these areas.  In the unlikely event of any complaints you may have, you can contact HUD and be sure that they will investigate your case.

Redman mobile homes must follow the same federal standards of all other homes.  They are required to meet the National Manufactured Homes Construction and Safety Standards and each model built under a new manufacturer must have a one-year warranty.  HUD also helps to give you more consumer protection by requiring that borrowers sign a Placement Certificate.  The Placement Certificate is signed only after your home is installed and secured to your satisfaction.  Meaning that you hold the fate of your home in your hands.  It is not done until you say so.  Until your sign the Placement Certificate you can have any installment or issues about securing your home met.

If you are concerned about financing Redman mobile homes, don’t be.  Under the Title I program, approved lenders provide loans to borrowers that are eligible, to finance the purchase of manufactured homes.  Interest rates are typically fixed and low and the loan can be put towards the purchase or refinancing of your manufactured home.  Local retailers usually have a list of lenders in your area that exclusively finance manufactured homes.

You will want to do a little bit of research before you choose the builder.  You want a builder that is enthusiastic about the project and have some ideas to help you in the construction of your home.  After conducting interviews with a few builders you can pick the one that best suits your needs.  Once you have chosen a builder a contract will need to be drawn up.  Be sure that there are areas for Dealer, Manufacturer and Customer on the contract.  The start date and completion date should also be included in contracts for Redman mobile homes.

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