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Schult Manufactured Homes

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If you are looking to buy a manufactured or modular home in the near future then you may want to consider buying a schult manufactured home.  The Schult Company has been in business since 1932, and they are currently the oldest mobile home manufacturer.  In the 1930s Schult Mobile Homes were designed for functionality rather than for comfort. The designs were very primitive, and they didn’t provide many creature comforts.  However, this changed in the 1940s when luxury travel cam back into fashion.  In fact the King of Egypt requested that a luxury 50 foot Schult Mobile Home be made for him so he could travel the U.S. in comfort and style.  While the Schult Company still focuses their designs on functionality, they are not blind to contemporary design trends.  In their contemporary models you will find walk-in closets, efficient kitchens, luxurious baths, and an open floor plan.


Now that you know what schult manufactured homes are, your next step is to find a local dealer.  To do this you will need to look in your local phone book under manufactured homes.  This section of the yellow pages should have the listings of manufactured home dealers that are close to where you live.  Dealers that carry Schult Brand homes should say so in their yellow page ad.  However, if the ads don’t list the brands carried by the dealer then you may need to call the dealerships to find out who carries this brand.

After you have found a dealer that carries schult manufactured homes, your next step will be to find a model that you like.  Every region of the United States will have a different selection of Schult Brand Homes to choose from.  This is because dealers will only carry the models that are designed for the climatic conditions in their area.  For this reason you may not be able to buy a model that you saw on their website.  When you visit the dealership the sales rep will be able to show you what model homes are Schult, and they will also be able to give you brochures on all of the Schult Brand home models that are available in your area.  Look through the information that you have been given on the homes that you have seen, as well as the optional models that you can select from.  Look for a model that offers the space and features that you want, and that is also within your price range.

After selecting the model that you want your next step will be to find it somewhere to be set up.  Schult manufactured homes are quality buildings that will appreciate in value if they are set up on a permanent foundation.  However, they can also be set up in a trailer park or on a rented lot if this is a more affordable option for you.

When you have your location issues worked out your final step will be to secure financing for your home.  Finding a lender for a manufactured home purchase can be a little more difficult than finding a lender for a traditional home, this is especially true if you just want to buy the home.  In this case you will probably need to find a lender that specializes in manufactured home loans. These loans will typically have terms that are less than or equal to 20 years, and they will typically have a higher interest rate than a traditional home loan will charge.

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