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Skyline Manufactured Homes

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Skyline manufactured homes provide buyers with several different home styles to choose from, and a range of home prices. Buying a new home is a great feeling. Unfortunately, some individuals cannot enjoy this sense of elation due to the high cost of housing. With Skyline manufactured homes, you can find affordable living. Currently, there are 16 Skyline plants nationwide. Each builder is highly skilled in producing quality homes. These manufactured homes cannot compare to traditional mobile homes, with their flimsy structure and attached wheels. Modern manufactured homes are far better and often considered single family homes. The homes are permanently attached to the ground. Plus, manufactured homes adhere to local building codes.

The features of Skyline manufactured homes will appeal to homebuyers. Naturally, individuals constructing a new home want control over the interior or exterior. With a Skyline home, you will work alongside the builder to choose the home features. Select an exterior siding, choose the flooring (carpet, hardwood, ceramic, etc.), upgrade the kitchen, etc. Ever aspect of the home can be personalized to your liking. Would you like a two-story home, or do you prefer a ranch? Buyers can also take advantage of unique home styles such as Cape Cod design or split-level living.

Several benefits accompany the choice to buy Skyline manufactured homes. To begin with, take pleasure in a quick construction time. Normally, a manufactured or modular home takes about 2 – 3 months to construct. This includes the time it takes to prepare the foundation/ground, pre-assemble the home in a climate-controlled factory, and ship the manufactured home to the site. Secondly, manufactured homes are less expensive than new construction site homes. The typical savings is about 40%. For this reason, manufactured homes allow buyers to get more house for their money. This greatly benefits individuals struggling to purchase a home is a high housing market.

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