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Two Story Modular Homes

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If you only have a small amount of property and fear that you will not be able to build a home to adequately house you, your family and your belongings, there is an answer. Two story modular homes are the choice of many families who are looking to make the most out of a small lot. Two story modular homes use property efficiently. You can be assured that your home will have the space you need to spread out and not be under each other’s feet.


In addition to using property efficiently, another reason that two story modular homes are becoming the choice of many families is in the cost. When you compare the prices per square foot of a two story site built home against the cost of a two story modular homes, there is generally a large difference. Two story modular homes are generally cost much less than site built homes. However, this does not mean that you are taking a hit in quality, durability or the longevity of your home.   Two story modular homes are built inside of factories. They must meet building standards and they are constantly under the magnifying glass of conscientious assembly line inspectors. They will also be inspected once they are assembled onsite.

The main reason that you can have a two story modular home for less than what you would pay for a site built home comes down to the cost of building supplies. These homes are built out of lumber, paint, carpet, sheet rock and other building materials that are purchased in massive quantities. What this means is the manufacturers can build quality homes with building materials that cost them less. These savings are then passed on to future two story modular home buyers.

If you have a small lot and are wondering how you can have the size of home you would like, check out modular homes. Two story modular homes are answering the prayers of many property owners. 

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