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Used Modular Homes

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Many people choose to buy a modular home because they are cheaper than site built homes. True, modular homes do cost less to construct than most single family homes. With this said, some people even seek used modular homes hoping to snag an even better deal. However, modular homes are unlike mobile homes, which may rapidly depreciate. Instead, modular homes are constructed to higher standards or codes. In turn, they are grouped with site-built homes, and increase in value. Thus, even if you choose to buy used modular homes, you may not receive the anticipated savings due to home appreciation.


Nonetheless, used modular homes are appealing because the home is already constructed, and the buyer can move into the property quickly. If buying a brand new modular home, you must wait until assembly and construction is completed before you can occupy the home. On average, this takes about 8-12 weeks. Modular homes are not constructed on site. Each builder has a factory where pre-assembly takes place. The home is constructed in sections, delivered to the location, and pieced together. Prior to delivery, the builder lays the foundation and prepares the ground.

When choosing used modular homes, buyers must consider several factors. Buying a home should not be a rushed decision. Take your time, and explore different options. For starters, determine how much you want to spend on the home. If possible, get pre-approved. Next, tour several properties and examine the floor plan, layout, interior, exterior, and other features. Have the home inspected. This includes a thorough examination of the electrical systems, plumbing, structure, flooring, roofing, etc. The mortgage lender financing the loan requires an appraisal on all properties, including used modular homes. This ensures that the home is worth the sale price. While the perfect house may not exist, it is important to choose a modular home that includes most of your desired home features.

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