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Everyone has seen manufactured homes and they are popping up all over the place and the statistics of people buying these modular homes are on the rise every year. This is due to how easily customizable these homes are and also the cost of the manufactured homes is much cheaper than the old style houses we have grown up with. Since so many people are going towards the way of these modular homes many people see them as the homes of the future. The design of these gorgeous homes spawned from the trailer and then the doublewide trailer, people started thinking about ways of making them larger and still making them so they could be built somewhere other than the location they would eventually end up at. Now there are prefabricated homes that are put on foundations and come delivered in many pieces, you would have no clue that some of these homes are pre-manufactured since the quality is so much better than the old style simple modular homes.

Another plus of manufactured homes is since they cost much less money and time to have built that they are cheaper for the home buyer, so it is much easier for someone to get approved for a mortgage on a brand new manufactured house. Even with poor credit many people can still be approved for a loan to but one of the nicest modular homes on the market. After buying a manufactured house you will also need to either buy some land to have your home moved to or else find a manufactured home community where you can pay a monthly lot rent. Usually in these kinds of communities the lots are rented out at very reasonable process, but the more land you want the more the monthly rent will be. This is one of the reasons that buying your own chunk of land can pay off in the long run, plus you can also have your home in a more secluded environment if you do not like neighbors very close.

It is also very easy to fully customize your future home when you are looking at buying one of the many gorgeous manufactured homes from a dealer, and many times they will also be able to help you locate a nice chunk of your own land, or a manufactured housing community that is a nice and quiet community. A lot of people consider these manufactured homes to be the same as the older mobile homes, but they are actually quite different. Ever since the late seventies manufactured homes have been strictly regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and mobile homes are the single trailer units that were made before all these regulations took effect. There are also many people that consider manufactured homes to be unsafe in certain parts of the country due to the severe weather conditions such as tornados and hurricanes. This is partly true with some of the older models but since the early 90's there have been stricter guidelines and these types of homes started being built much more durable, and they have since proven it by standing up to many storms.

The benefits of purchasing a manufactured house over a site built home are too many to count and many Americans are starting to see this and jump on the bandwagon of the manufactured housing craze that is starting to take place across the country. The fact that they are cheap, easily customizable, long-lasting and durable are a few of the benefits of these housing units of the future and another great aspect is that if you ever decide you want o move to another state you can have your house disassembled and moved to wherever you would like. This way if you buy a manufactured housing unit and can only find developments you can rent a lot for a few years until the prime piece of property comes along and you can then purchase it and have your house relocated. It is also very easy to add on to a manufactured house, and you can have it placed and secured on a foundation as well so you can have a basement and with some of the styles being made today you can even have an attic. With the huge advancements in manufactured housing development there are so many manufactured houses that you would swear were actual site built homes.

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