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Potential home buyers have spoken and modular housing builders have listened. Homebuyers have said they like the concept of modular homes, but not the available styles. They wanted more modern modular homes built with the same durability as the cookie cutter styles.

With custom design resources and plenty pf experience, the modern modular homes are engineered far stronger and durable than most site built homes, partly out of customer demand and partly out of necessity. Once a home is built, each section is lifted by crane onto a truck and then transported to the home site. Once there it is unloaded by a crane and once again when the time comes to put the house together, it is once more lifted by crane and placed in position. Not many site-built homes could make that trip.

Typically, materials for a site built home are unceremoniously dumped from a truck and sit in the yard until they are needed to being construction. They are left exposed to the elements and other natural, and possibly unnatural, intrusions. Then during construction qualified workers, regardless of their experience and expertise, usually make there cuts with hand-guided power saw due to their efficiency. While the majority of the cuts will be relatively straight and square, remember the wood being cut has been outside exposed to the elements for awhile.

For an average size site built home in usually takes about four to six months to build and be ready to move in, depending on rain delays and other factors that affects the construction process. Material availability and site work, also dependent on the weather can also add to the construction time as can the need to wait for inspectors to show up to check the work every step of the way.

With modern modular homes they are built in an indoor factory and all materials are stored inside as well, meaning they are not beginning to weather before the house is built. Cuts are made on precision radial arm saws to exacting specifications before being used in the construction process. All nailing is done with pneumatic nailers, which sink every nail the same depth every time with no hammer smiles left on the wood and no nails left loose.

While site work for modern modular homes remains the same, the inspection process is slightly different. Inspectors representing the state in which the house will be built, are at the factory frequently insuring that construction meets the applicable state building codes. So that when the home arrives at the set, excepting for the final inspection after utility hook ups are accomplished, the home has already been thoroughly inspected to meet local and state codes.

The extra care in the construction process will make the modular home stronger, to meet the demands of being transported from the factory to the home site, as well as construction techniques to make it last longer than a site built home, makes modern modular homes more in demand today then ever before.

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