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When you are in the market for a new modular home, you generally have a couple of options with respect to finding a suitable model.  You could deal with the manufacturer directly.  Quite a few of them will deal directly with the public and this will save you any fees from a middleman, such as a dealer.  Yet if you want to deal with a manufacturer who does not deal directly with the public, then a modular home dealer will be the best person to contact.  Add to this the fact that this kind of person has usually years of experience in the industry and will be able to help you learn more about the process, clue you in to possible pitfalls to avoid, and also help you to put together that perfect home for you, it is no secret why dealing with the right modular home dealer is so important!

Of course, if you are looking through the phone book or if you are dealing with the recommendations of friends and family, you may already know of a modular home dealer in your area.  Quite possibly the first question to ask is whether this dealer only sells modular homes, or if she or he also adds manufactured homes to the inventory.  While there is nothing wrong with selling both kinds of housing, you may get a bigger bang for your buck if you choose to work with someone who specializes in the modular market.  This will ensure that her or his contacts are germane to the industry specifically, and it will not present a lot of confusion when you are trying to make heads and tails of the different floor plans. In addition to the foregoing, try to find a modular home dealer who is familiar with a number of manufacturers and their various home models.

Ask your modular home dealer about her or his background in the industry. Many are actually certified home builders or have other formal education in the home construction industry, and will be a valuable source of information, help, and also suggestions that will make your buying experience much more pleasant and well informed. By the same token, find out if your dealer is able to help you prepare floor plans or make modifications to existing plans that the manufacturer will then be able to realize in the factory. Naturally, this is a highly specialized service that not every dealer will be able to provide, yet if you have someone who can, it might be worth the extra money it will cost to hire this individual. Keep in mind that many a time a dealer will also act as your general contractor, in which case it is extremely useful to be dealing with someone who can not only draw up plans but also read them.  Gone are the days when a dealer would simply write up a sale, and then hand it over to someone else to complete the transaction. Instead, dealers have become full service shops and thus you will want to take a very close look at all of their qualifications.
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